Friday, June 29, 2007

Nokia E90 launched in India

Nokia released it's enterprise model E90 on Thursday, June 28th, 07 and is priced at Rs 40,499(Definitely this piece is for corporates).

Key features:

-Browse the Internet and transfer media-rich files via HSDPA (up to 3.6 Mbit/s enabled) and 3G high-speed mobile broadband
-Applications for viewing and editing documents to increase mobile productivity.
-Talk on every continent with quad-band GSM and automatic switching between bands.
-Integrated GPS - easy to locate meeting venues, restaurants, and places of interest.
-3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus.
-Convenient shortcut keys - Access voice and data functions quickly and easily.
-Stereo FM radio

Volume: 140 cc
Weight: 210 g
Length: 132 mm
Width: 57 mm
Thickness (max): 20 mm

Inner: Active matrix color display (800 x 352 pixels), 16 million true colors
Outer: Active matrix color display (240 x 320 pixels), 16 million true colors

Operating Frequency
GSM quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) MHz
WCDMA 2100 MHz

User Interface
S60 Platform 3.1 Edition
Symbian OS Version 9.2
Java™ MIDP 2.0

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Best of Cannes Films Lions!

The following Cannes film lions are hand-picked by NEXUS from many winners.

* Nexus found many other interesting winners but couldn't embed here due to unavailability of the winners in video sharing portals.

Grand Prix- Dove Evolution

The film that exposed the manipulation of the female image in the media. The objective was to encourage discussion around the subject of real beauty and lead people to the website.

Gold- Levi's:Dangerous liaison

It's 1873; a sexy girl is waiting for her man. When he arrives they tear each other's clothes off, revealing successive generations of Levi's®, different hairstyles, and even the room changes with them. Finally, we see the current 2007 collection.

Gold - Sony Bravia LCD TV

Paint explodes all over some buildings

Gold - Signature

This film illustrates graphicaly how a simple signature on a petition can provide real help to victims of torture, abuse, arbitrary imprisonment. TAG : Your signature is more powerful than you think. Amnesty International.

Silver - Happiness factory:Coke

The audience are taken on a journey through a coke vending machine into a fantasy land of wondrous characters and spectacular landscapes contributing to the delivery of the bottle.

Silver - Smart car ad

Sometimes it's more secure to drive a car with no backseats

Silver - Cingular 2 day rule

Man calls woman after first date to see if the connection he felt was mutual, but thinks he's wrong after he gets silence from a dropped call.

Bronze - Frank drink

The objective was to launch Frank with a huge splash, with very little money. We sold Frank by being frank.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Indian Winners in Cannes '07!

If you are wondering what are Cannes Lions then ask the ad gurus, who strive hard to grab one. Cannes Lions are like Oscars for advertisements. This year Cannes celebrated its 54th year and India made its presence felt.

India has been nominated for three entries in the Promo category, eight in Direct, five for Radio, 20 in the Press category, 14 in Outdoor and seven in the Media category. In total, India had 57 nominations across the six categories.
Let's look at how India has fared over the years:
· Indian wins in 2002: Two Gold Lions and one Silver Lion
· Indian wins in 2003: Three Gold Lions, two Silver Lions and one Bronze Lion - the highest ever for India till then
· Indian wins in 2004: Four Bronze Lions
· Indian wins in 2005: Two Silver Lions, One Bronze
· 2006: Watershed of 2003 revisited, and bettered.

The Indian winners in Cannes Lions ’07 are:

I. Direct lion
1. Bronze
Type Of Entry: Product/Service
Category: Other Consumer Products
Title: DEMO CD
Advertiser/Client: THE SOUNDSMITHS
Entrant Company, City: EVEREST BRAND SOLUTIONS, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
DM/Advertising Agency, City: EVEREST BRAND SOLUTIONS, Mumbai
Country: INDIA

2. Bronze
Type Of Entry: Use of Media
Category: Field Marketing
Advertiser/Client: HUTCH
Entrant Company, City: OGILVY & MATHER, Bangalore
Country: INDIA
DM/Advertising Agency, City: OGILVY & MATHER, Bangalore
Country: INDIA

II. Promo Lion
1. Type Of Entry: Use of Media
Category: Event Marketing
Entrant Company, City: JWT, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency, City: JWT, Mumbai
Country: INDIA

III. Radio lion
1. Silver
Category: Business Equipment & Services
Advertiser/Client: BULLZI
Country: INDIA
Advertising Agency, City: AMBIENCE PUBLICIS ADVERTISING, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Executive Creative Director: Elsie Nanji
Creative Director: Ramanuj Shastry/Prasanna Sankhe
Scriptwriter: Manish Patel/Ramanuj Shastry
Agency Producer: Fabian
Advertiser's Supervisor: Sarita Pereira
Production Company/Sound Studio, City: EARDRUM, Mumbai
Country: INDIA

2. Silver
Category: Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
Advertiser/Client: CEHAT
Entrant Company, City: LEO BURNETT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Advertising Agency, City: LEO BURNETT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Executive Creative Director: Nitesh Tiwari/K.V. Sridhar
Creative Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Scriptwriter: Mithun Mirji
Agency Producer: Kevin Affonso
Production Company/Sound Studio, City: LINGO INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA

IV. Film lions
1. Silver in Sweet Foods & Snacks, bronze in best use of music
Category: silver in Sweet Foods & Snacks, bronze in best use of music

Advertiser/Client: PERFETTI VAN MELLE
Entrant Company, City: McCANN ERICKSON INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Advertising Agency, City: McCANN ERICKSON INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Executive Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Copywriter: Prasoon Joshi
Art Director: Prasoon Joshi/Anirban Sen
Agency Producer: Naren Multani/Benny Alexander
Production Company, City: EQUINOX FILMS, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Director: Ram Madhwani
Producer: Manoj Shroff
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Anil Mehta
Editor: Shyam Salgaonkar
Music - Artist/Title: Shantanu Moitra/Prasoon Joshi
Sound Design/Arrangement: Jiten Solanki
Post Production: Prime Focus Plus

2. Bronze
Category: Fundraising & Appeals
Entrant Company, City: CODE RED FILMS, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Advertising Agency:
Executive Creative Director: Raghu Bhat/Manish Bhatt
Creative Director: Raghu Bhat/Manish Bhatt
Copywriter: Manish Bhatt/Raghu Bhat/Gajraj Rao
Art Director: Manish Bhatt/Raghu Bhat/Gajraj Rao
Agency Producer: Subrat Ray
Production Company, City: CODE RED FILMS, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Director: Gajraj Rao
Producer: Subrat Ray
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Amitabha Singh
Music - Artist/Title: Rajat Dholakia
Other Credits: Lyrics: Gopal Datt


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Taj Anthem by A.R.Rahman (Mohabbat Ek Hai)

No wonder Taj Mahal is presently in third positon in the race for new seven wonders. AR Rahman and his crew give us the reason to vote again and again. CLICK HERE to vote for Tajmahal.

The video is :
Directed by - Owais Husain
Cinematography - Santosh Sivan
Edited by - Sreekar Prasad

Taj Mahal Anthem Lyrics:

(The portion we hear in the sample is given in italics)
Mausam Aate jaate HainSadiyaan Aateen Jaateen HainKuchh Cheezen Rahjaateen Hain Yaad Mein
Wo Din Wo Raaj Kahaan HaiNaaz-O-Andaaz Kahaan HaiNaghmen Hain Aaj Sada Ke Saath Mein
Koi Kahta HaiJeene Ka Maqsad Yahaan Daulat Mein HaiKoi Kahta HaiJeene Ka Maqsad Yahaan Inayat Mein HaiMujhse Jo Koi Ye PoochheKyon Na Kahun Zindagi Ki karaamatMohabbat Mein Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum Tana Nana-JhumEk Sada Dil Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tnana Nana-Jhum Tana Nana NanaEk Sada Rab Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum Tana Nana-JhumEk Mohabbat Hai
Radha Krishna Ki MohabbatAadam Haua Ki MohabbatHeer Aur Ranjha Ki Mohabbat ..Ek Hai
Shaah Jahaan Mumtaaz Ki MohabbatLaila Majnu ki MohabbatTeri Aur Meri Mohabbat Ek Hai (2)
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum Tana Nana-JhumEk Sada Dil Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tnana Nana-Jhum Tana Nana NanaEk Sada Rab Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum Tana Nana-JhumEk Mohabbat Hai
Deevane Mohabbat Ke Hain- JoHai Un Ko Pahla SalamTohfa Mohabbat Ka Hai joHar Dil Ka Usko Salam


Ablabs presents in association with Ocher studios, Rajinikanth in and as "SULTAN". The movie is directed by none other than his daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth and music by AR Rahman. Rajnikanth adds another feather to his hat with this movie, as he becomes the first real star to be shown in an animation movie in India.

The movie leaves the reminiscence of Prince of persia and looks good to see. All the Rajnikanth fans will be eager to watch this movie too.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Heavy metal-fast achieving cult status among Indian youth

Besides love, joy and happiness there are these darker emotions called rage, anger, pain and disappointment. Sadly, there is no one ring that rules them all, no one genre that expresses them all.

“Heavy Metal” is that sip of energy drink that helps metal heads get out of that situation. Its heavy sound and fantasy, passion in pain, lyrics inspired from with-in creates such an infinite energy illusion which makes the metal-heads head bang the frustration off. To say it again , this is “Heavy Metal”, a genre that has with-stood the storms of time and inspired the metal heads to withstand those of life.

“Heavy Metal” is the language of the disappointed, the depressed, the deprived, the agonized, the pained who dare not express in public, but want their voice reach the crowds. Heavy Metal bands find their inspiration from pain and struggle, they are people who experienced misery and fought with circumstances more certainly. To strive, to seek, and not to yield; this genre of music is all about indomitable human spirit. The fans adulate them for the music, which is pure, straight and passionate.

Why am I talking about all this? There is a pertinent, for some, a perturbed question- Why heavy metal in India? Heavy Metal being one of most distinctly non-Indian form of music questioning the softness of Indian music, burgeoned into the most popular among the youth. Any college cultural fest wouldn’t do with out the rock bands performing. The growing popularity has to do with the incessant academic pressure Indian youth has.

“Heavy Metal” makes a getaway from the hectic lifestyle, since in India average means bad and lack of successful academic life leads to frustration, Heavy Metal acts as a respite from the triteness that creeps into and takes hold of college lifestyle.

“Heavy Metal” is attitude. The rebellious aggression of rock stars earns youngsters’ adulation. The spirit and energy of youth is defined this way. It’s the victory of freedom over authority.

With the best of world bands flooding to India, It is obvious Indian youth would have in mind the emulation of these stars. One of my friends Kalyan, an IIT student, a guitarist himself reacts after watching the IRON MAIDEN’S show in India, “They are GODS!”. Bruce Dickinson must hear this. Am sure his address as a mortal would invite derisive laughter of thousands. To the 20,000 people in Bangalore watching IRON MAIDEN play that night, He was nothing short of divine, inspiration for another generation.

The other international bands are following. The local bands like death incarnate, rudra, parikrama and the likes are flourishing. The youngsters realize they can make money out of their passion. A well paid job is not a fantasy anymore. Some four or five lads combine and form a band, express their frustration, write their pain.

We see in the coming years, Indian youth clad in black T-shirts, sporting long hair, moving with passion, aggression and attitude imitating their rock heroes. In the coming years, we see the “Indian ness” in the Heavy Metal which was already experimented by the linkin park and the other bands.

Now where do we stand, Do you hear “Heavy Metal”?

Written by: Bonzo
Source: Times of India
Picture: Columbia Pictures

What a dream: Lewsi Hamilton- US Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton made history by not only wining his second consecutive win (as no rookie ever made this possible in his first season) but also winning US GP with his Mclaren ( no constructor won US GP other than Ferrari from its start).

The much hyped rivalry between Lewis and Alonso did really show up in the race. Both the drivers pushed hard and it was a visual treat for the F1 fans to see a fantastic race after disappointing end in 2005.After winning the US GP, Lewis Hamilton now maintains a healthy gap of 10 championship points with his team-mate Fernando Alonso.

Alonso was on full throttle from the start. He pushed and pressurized Lewis but he reacted well and kept his cool to win the race flawlessly.

Ferrari is back on the podium with Fellipe Massa coming third in front of his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen. The top four finishers reflected their pole positions.

Kimi slipped to 6th from his starting position coming behind Heikki Kovalainen and Nick Heidfeld after the first corner but hats off to both Ferrari team and Kimi for quick pit stop and fast driving which brought back his position.

After the accident of Robert Kubica, BMW Sauber team introduces another rookie- Sebastian Vettel to F1 fraternity. Sebastian Vettel (born July 3, 1987 in Heppenheim) is a German race car driver. He has been the third (test and reserve) driver for the BMW Sauber Formula One team from the 2006 Turkish Grand Prix onwards. He also became the sixth youngest driver to start a Grand Prix and the youngest driver to score points in a Grand Prix.

The defining moment of the race certainly came in the lap 38 when Alonso bridged the gap and tried to overtake Lewis. Albeit rookie, Lewis never did a mistake and could maintain his first position and brought his car successfully to the chequered flag.

"What a dream, I never thought in a million years I would be here today with these drivers and win two races in North America,” said Lewis Hamilton.

Constructors Points after US GP:

Mclaren 106
Ferrari 71
BMW 39

Drivers Championship Points:

Lewis Hamilton 58
Fernando Alonso 48
Fellipe Massa 39
Kimi Raikkonen 32

US GP RaceResults:

1. Lewis Hamilton (Britain) McLaren 1hr 31min 09.965
2. Fernando Alonso (Spain) McLaren +00:01.518
3. Felipe Massa (Brazil [Images]) Ferrari 00:12.842
4. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) Ferrari 00:15.422
5. Heikki Kovalainen (Finland) Renault 00:41.402
6. Jarno Trulli (Italy [Images]) Toyota 01:06.703
7. Mark Webber (Australia) RedBull-Renault 01:07.331
8. Sebastian Vettel (Germany [Images]) BMW Sauber 01:07.783
9. Giancarlo Fisichella (Italy) Renault 1 lap
10. Alexander Wurz (Austria) Williams-Toyota 1 lap


Friday, June 15, 2007

Style style ra Shankar-Rajni Super style ra
(Sivaji movie review)

Sivaji (Rajini ), an NRI from US wants to serve poor people by providing free education and free medical treatment, So he establishes his own universities and hospitals. He faces ups and downs while achieving his goals but resolves them in his own style. The movie-Sivaji is all about how the hero faces the problems and how he manages to come out of them.

As it is a Shankar’s movie we can expect a message in the movie, this time Shankar had taken “black money” as the movie theme. Though the story of the movie is routine, Shankar presented it differently and distinctly. Shankar’s movie-making is good and cinematography (especially in songs) is great. The first half of the movie deals with comedy between Vivek and Rajni which is quite good and the second half shows how Rajni takes revenge against his adversaries.

Movie drags a little bit in the first half and picks up superbly in the second half. Usually, Rajni’s action is great and his “new style” is excellent (like tossing the one rupee coin and chewing bubble gum). He looks younger and smarter in the movie and the credit for this goes to director Shankar and costume designer Manish Malhotra.

Shreya plays an innocent girl in the movie. She has done a decent job and looks beautiful through out the movie with half sarees and not to forget the yesteryear’s telugu hero Suman, who plays the role of a villain in the movie, did a good job.

Rahman and Shankar gave us brilliant music throughout and did not disappoint this time either. Music by A R rahman is simply great. The background score rocks and it supported the screenplay very well.

Stunts-directed by peter hynes are good in the movie. Art director, Thota tharani did marvelous job (especially the glass set was great in the song “Sahana” and also the set in “Vaji vaji” song) and the graphic work is great in the song “Billa ranga basha”.

Sivaji is a typical Shankar movie and on the whole, it is a good entertaining movie with a social massage in it and Rajni fans will have a blast watching sivaji.

Bottom line is Shankar and Rahman combo has delivered another hit this time with Rajnikanth as hero.
Rating 7.5/10

Written by: Ranganath Pacha

Monday, June 11, 2007

Celebration,drama and carnage

The world has a new champion, the rookie- Lewis Hamilton, certainly deserves to be called so. He has won the Canadian GP in style and did it in his sixth race this season. He now leads the championship points convincingly leaving his team-mate Fernando Alonso behind in the second place.

The Canadian Grand Prix at Montr'eal had it all, mistakes of the drivers,crashes,spins,penalties and even retirement in the race.

The race started with Lewis leading the pack but at the first corner, Alonso spun and dropped back from his initial second position. Ferrari's kimi Raikkonen dissapointed again as he slipped down from his initial position too.

The safety car was very busy during the whole race. It came out four times making things worse for Lewis. There were many car spins, collisions with the wall and collisions among the drivers. The circuit was bit demanding and slippery so there is no point in blaming the drivers on pushing their cars hard. Robert Kubica of BMW sauber's team was a sure victim of this. He collided with the wall and spun full 360 degrees before coming to a halt and broke his leg. It is rumoured as one of the worst accidents in the recent past.

Fernando Alonso had a torrid race in the Montr'eal. He spun his car many times at the first corner of the circuit, got 10seconds go penalty and was even overtaken by Takuma Sato in the race.( Was Sato at his best or Alonso at his worst? )

Ferrari had a set back too as Fellipe Massa got a black flag in the finishing stages of the race. He was looking strong before he issued the black flag.

With all these happening at one side, Hamilton kept his nerve and drove like a true champion and never looked like he was retarding.

Results :

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Nick Heidfeld

3. Alex Wurz

Constructors points:

McLaren 80

Ferrari 60

BMW 38

Championship points:

Lewis Hamilton 48

Fernando Alonso 40

Fellipe Massa 33

Kimi Raikkonen 27

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Latin loverboy Enrique's New video

Enrique is back with his new album "Insomniac". The album is going to hit the stores on June 12. The first single from the album is "Do you know (Ping Pong song)" - have no idea why it's called ping pong song. The song has the typical Enrique love theme but the video is bit different from rest of his songs till date. The wait after the album "Seven" is certainly worthy because the song looks and sounds good.

Enjoy the song!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Technology on the surface!

Microsoft unveils first of its kind computer called as “Surface computer” at the Wall Street Journal's 'D: All Things Digital' conference on 31st of May. Microsoft is the first major technology company to bring surface computing to the commercial market.

Microsoft Surface Computer is actually a tabletop system that enables users to interact with digital media using their fingers, resizing and interacting with photos and videos, and even "digitizing" real-life events. Certain real world objects like credit cards, cameras and even a glass of drink can be recognized by the Surface Computer to produce an on-screen version. Unlike traditional touch-screens, the Microsoft Surface can recognise more than one finger at a time, allowing small groups to gather around and use it simultaneously

Surface Computer may soon replace the mouse and keyboard and will be soon seen at the commercial areas. The first versions of the computer have already been sold to corporate clients including mobile phone companies and restaurants.

To attract home consumers Microsoft said it hopes to bring down the price from the current $5,000- $10,000 range over the next three-to-five years.

Check out the exclusive review of Microsoft Surface.

Picture: PC MAC

Friday, June 01, 2007

Movies to look out for!

IF you have loved the movie "Se7even" and blown your mind with "Fight club" then dont miss David fincher's new work "Zodiac".

For all the Quentin Tarantino fans- Grind house